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Broadcasting Services

Nilesat is providing the broadcasting services for both Television and Radio within the coverage of its Satellites. The content delivery could be arranged by Nilesat from distant locations over satellites, or through optical fibers from the Egyptian Media Production City in 6th October City studios to Nilesat premises in Cairo, which after received, the content is processed to be uplinked to Nilesat satellites and made available to the viewers. Currently Nilesat is broadcasting 600 TV channels, among the channels near 76% are free to air, where the rest are Pay-Tv. The highest number of free TV in the world on one satellite. This is due to the wide coverage with common language and culture embracing the region.

Standard Definition

Nilesat satellites carry all Pay-TV operators in the region, through which Nilesat viewers enjoy the western contents on OSN network, the sports contents through Al-Jazeera Sports and Abu Dhabi Sports bouquets, in addition to the Arabic contents through ART and OSN as well.Channels are diversified in contents, having sports, kids, family, news, education, entertainment, documentary, music, movies and drama.

High Definition

Nilesat DVB Transmission Platform can broadcast High Definition (HD) channels using MPEG4 video compression tools. It is expected to witness a growth in the number of HDTV channels in the MENA region. It is a digital TV with high Video resolution. This leads to improving the contrast and picture quality exceeding the DVD. The first HD service in the region started on Nilesat in 2006. Nilesat satellites carries now more than 24 HDTV of different content.


As Nilesat started the HDTV services, Nilesat is capable to provide 3D TV upon request. The first 3D TV channel in the region was broadcast on Nilesat satellites during the World Cup 2010.


IPTV is a multimedia services such as television / video / audio / text / graphics / data delivered over IP based networks. The IPTV is similar to the regular TV, however, the differences would lie in the fact that it is broadcast through IP protocols, and the features it can provide.IPTV could be interactive; includes scheduling the recording of favorite shows. In addition, with the Video on Demand (VoD) feature, the user would be able to browse a movie catalogue and watch the movie instantly or later on.Nilesat has a ready to use IPTV Transmission platform for delivery of broadcast quality television programming Internet Protocol (IP) infrastructure up to the consumer – both live and Video on Demand (VOD) content.IPTV picture


The backhauling concept is mainly the process of delivering the broadcast contents to the uplink facilities. Within Nilesat services, Nilesat provides the backhauling services over satellites within the coverage area, with different compression techniques such as MPEG2 and the bandwidth efficient MPEG4 depending on the broadcaster's preferences. Currently more than 30 Iraqi channels are using this service backhauling in addition to Omani and Kuwaitis channels.


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