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Message From the Board 

Since the establishment of the NileSat in 1996, the company has been keen on delivering high quality services and media content that reflects its deep belief in upgrading the accuracy and the transparency of the overall media message that respects the mind and conscience of the human beings at any time and place. NileSat’s media message respects all religions and renounces hatred and any calls for violence and extremism. It is a message of love and peace to all humanity.

Emanating from where we stand, NileSat’s management aims to mobilize its efforts and dedicate its human resources to continuously modernize the infrastructure, technologies and the basic services to keep pace with the latest science findings in this field.

NileSat confirms to its valued customers that it is continuously seeking to provide all the necessary capabilities to update the available services and technologies to provide a work organization and performance that meet the ambitions and demands of the Arab and African citizens at any time and place.


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