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16 February, 2016

NileSat in CabSat due in Dubai on March 8-10, 2016

The Egyptian Satellite Company (NileSat) joins MENA region's broadcast and satellite companies at CABSAT, due on March 8-10 in Dubai focusing on future business opportunities in a market projected to be worth $66 billion by 2018.  

NileSat is keen on participating in CabSat this year with a high profile delegation led by Mr. Ahmed Anis, NileSat CEO, as the exhibition brings together major satellite players from the Middle East, South Asia, Africa and rest of the world.

 NileSat’s stand in Cabsat will provide an opportunity to share with its clients and potential partners the services and facilities as well as a presentation on planned future projects.



11 January, 2016

Anis Refuted Rumors an ISIS Channel is Broadcast on NileSat

NileSatChairman Ahmed Anis rebuffed news about broadcasting a daash TV channel onNileSat. His response came following misguided circulated information on socialmedia, claiming that terrorist ISIS is broadcasting a channel under the name ofBEIN HD4 on a NileSat satellite. A campaign named “Raqqa is Being SlaughteredSilently” claimed this information earlier on twitter.


Anisadded that disseminating such kind of information aims at causing a state of ininstability among Arab nations that are keen on following its channels onNileSat with trusting that NileSat will never allow broadcasting any channelcalling for division, fanaticism or terrorism on any frequency under any name.


Headded that he can’t rule out that such false targeted news aims to undermineEgypt’s efforts in the field of Egyptian satellite business.



21 May, 2015

Algerian Minister of Communications Visits NileSat

NileSat Chairman Ahmed Anis has received AlgerianMinister of Communications Hamid Grine during a visit to the company,accompanied by Algerian Ambassador to Egypt Nazir al-Arabawi.


Mr. Anis welcomed the Algerian minister at thebeginning of visit. It is the first visit by an Algerian minister ofcommunications to the company since its establishment. Mr. Grine, on his part,expressed his sincere pleasure to visit the headquarters of the NileSat inCairo which he described as huge edifice calling for a nationwide pride,pointing out that the Egyptian satellite is a gain for all Arabs.


Managingdirector Engineer Hamdy Monier gave a presentation to the Algerian Minister,Mr. Grine, on the development of the company business activities and the mainsectors’ operations and future projects.


Ona question about that TV channels that undermine our Arab values andtraditions, Mr. Anis answered Mr. Grine saying that NileSat is one of the most conservativecompanies when it comes to our Arab values, but there are TV channels that arebroadcast through neighboring satellites aims at destabilizing the Arab nationsby broadcasting everything that is contradictory to our valued traditions.


Mr.Anis pointed out that blocking channels has become useless at a multiplatformbroadcasting age through different satellites, adding that TV channels arebroadcast through the internet. He added that demeaning thought can only befought by constructive thought through tools that facilitate sending thetargeted message. 


Following the meeting and the presentation, Mr. Anisaccompanied the Algerian delegation in a tour in the company that includedspace and ground sectors.


The Algerian Minister’s visit to the NileSat comes onthe periphery of the Arab ministers of information & communicationsmeetings at the Arab League in Cairo.



28 April, 2015

Anis: NileSat Yields USD 73 Million Profit

NileSat Chairman Mr. Ahmed Anis announced that thegeneral assembly meeting due on April, 27th will review the profitsrealized by the company last year. The company has succeeded in yielding USD73,850 million in 2014 with an increase of USD 27,284 million compared to theyear before with a 58,6% increase.  Headded that revenues amounted to USD 192,606 million in 2014 compared to USD180,914  in the previous year with anincrease of USD 11,692 Million with 6,5% increase.


Anis further noted that he will review duringthe general assembly meetings considerations for the timings of launching thenew Egyptian satellite NileSat 202 which he summarized in aiming to maximizethe gain from launching the new satellite by looking for a new orbit that wouldincrease the company’s revenue following the depletion of all the availablefrequencies on the current orbit 7 degrees west. ...



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